Thursday, September 5, 2013

HIS story

Every child has a different story of their introduction to their family. Both biological and 2 stories are alike.  Here is our newest son's.

Technically, Dominic's (his American name-we aren't able to share his Thai name or picture publicly until we finalize) story starts with Gabriel's story. In fall of 2007, we found Gabe on a waiting child photo album and he became our our hearts. We received video of Gabe playing ball with another little boy and, in short order, found out he was also being adopted to a family in America. And they were best friends. We kept in contact and looked forward to bringing our sons home and helping them stay best friends.

We traveled first to bring our son home and took presents for his best friend, from us and the other family. We spent an afternoon, playing with these boys, taking tons of pictures and enjoying seeing these boys together. Only we understand the notion it would be awhile before they could see each other. No 8 year old understands the distance between Thailand, America, the Midwest and the west coast! But even we didn't have a clue the enormity of what would evolve from that carefree afternoon in Thailand.....

As happens in adoptions, paperwork errors happen, situations change, children can be adoptable one minute and not the next for reasons unknown (and rather unacceptable) to the most seasoned of adoptive parents or workers. And that happened to our Dominic.

By the fall of 2010, we had put in many phone calls, prayers and held many conversations trying to figure out what could possibly be done to change this situation. We just could not accept the fact our son's best friend would not have a forever family; never know the unconditional love of parents and siblings.

Gabe would share stories of the conversations he and Dominic had about coming to America. How things that happened to them, wouldn't happen here. How could we tell him his best friend wouldn't be coming to America? And that left his future rather bleak.

In November of 2011, we received one of the craziest phone calls. EVER. I still have it saved on my phone....I simply can't erase it. Our agency's contact for Thailand was wondering if we could give her a call. We couldn't return the call until the next day....what a long night!

Our son's best friend for 8 years was now adoptable. No explanation. His paperwork showed up in a packet along with other children's. Before they started advocating for him, they wanted to ask if you were interested in adopting him. Since we had been so interested in what happened to him. WOW Talk about a heart pumping, tear flowing conversation!

We weren't in process, we weren't even thinking about adding another, let alone a 3rd within the same age range, still paying for the last adoption.....blah, blah, blah.....many reasons NOT to go forward with adding him to our family.

But simply put, God called....we answered.....stepping out in faith He would provide every step of the way.