Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We have been a family of five for 3.5 years now!  It seems like Jet has been part of our family forever.  I can't imagine life without his energy and goofiness!

I have missed blogging.  I LOVE sharing my passion for adoption. I considered the blog I had started during our wait for Jet.....Jet From Thailand.  But it seemed like that was Jet's blog.

I recently came to the realization that my blog added an element to Jet's life story.  Each child in any family has a different story.  In a lot of families, the first child has a ton of pictures.  The second child probably not as many, at least of them alone.  The third child and fourth, it tells a different story.

Adoption adds another whole dimension.  There is a time when your child isn't in your care.  And very little is usually passed along or known about that time.  Our first 2 children came home at 4.5 and 5 months.  Lost time definitely.  Our 3rd child, Jet, came home at 8.5 YEARS old.  Praise God, he came home with a lot of pictures.  Way more than we could have ever expected. To be honest we expected nothing.  But still a lot of lost experiences.

I have a bloggy friend who uses her blog to chronicle her family's life then makes it into a book for her kids.  My realization was I could do the same thing, sharing all we went through to get Jet and our time in country.  It will add to Jet's history, his life book and his story.

So now we are waiting again....for our 4th kiddo, a 3rd son, from Thailand again.

And here begins his story........